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IdeasForGames is a great set of cards for brainstorming game ideas. It was developed by Beat Suter and me for the GameLab ZHdK. It is meant to be a creative tool for Indie Game developers. The set of 108 cards comes with four essential categories and instructions. The cards focus on the core of games, the gameplay mechanics. Playing with it is simple and fast for unfolding your ideas. Use it in small groups of two to four people. You can brainstorm ideas and then develop your game ideas into working concepts. There are different ways to do it. Maybe you find your own. The deck contains 108 cards that represent a foundation for creating game ideas. To make your own game, IdeasForGames is the tool for you to start with.

The card set includes 108 cards with 5 categories:
gameplay mechanics, setting, emotional response, challenge and introductions cards with rules and tipps for playing.

  • 2015
  • Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Beat Suter: Game Design / Anja Fritsch: Game design, graphic and print design, marketing (flyers, business cards, website, product photos)