Swiss Mercenaries – Two Brothers

Project infos

SWISS MERCENARIES is a hacknslash game. It's the end of the 13th century. You play one/two poor young mercenaries from a remote alpine hamlet who risks his/their life/s on the bloody battlefields of feudal Europe.

The following game was produced during a production workshop of in more or less 22 days from the 1st august 2015. The idea of the game was developed before and was worked out during the production workshop. After that there were another two following workshops.

I was part of the story team and did also some 3d modeling.


The project is produced by
PRODUCING: Livio Lunin (René Bauer)
STORY: Beat Suter, Jeremy Petrus, Anja Fritsch
VISUALS Lead: Stephanie Stutz
VISUALS 3d: Flavian Schwitter, Benjamin Andermatt, Chris Elvis Leisi, Kaspar Manz
VISUALS 2d: Stjepan Lukac, Andres Bucher, Lukas Suter, Anika Weber, Jeremy Petrus
ANIMATION: Patrik Toth
LEVELDESIGN: Philipp Stern, Sonja Böckler, Marc Wegmann
PROGRAMMING: Goran Saric, Marcel Pfaffhauser, Michael Müller, Daniel Goncalves, René Bauer, Dominik Haas
SOUND: Andi Bissig, Yannic Hungerbühler
VOICE: Philipp Stern
TESTING: David Krummenacher