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TJUK – the bloody truth

Project infos

Tjuk – the bloody truth is a 2.5D story, exploration game for two players. The game was created as part of our bachelor project.
The story is inspired by the dreamtime of the aborigines and tells about the beginning of a new universe.
Each one plays one of the First Woman, living on a newborn world. The player has to fill the empty world with new life, create an own culture and awake new creatures to life.
Explore the world, collect resources, create a village, steal from the village of the other player, and be the first who awakes the pride of creation.

  • jan - may 2014
  • Tools: Unity, Daikon Forge, Blender, Photoshop
  • categories: games, animation, school project, 2D
  • Team: Madlaina Kalunder (programming, game design, story) / Anja Fritsch (graphics, animation, game design, story) / Daniel Mistric (sound)